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Game Hollywood has been invited to devcom at Gamescom 2020

Game Hollywood has been invited to participate at Gamescom 2020 at the Devcom Digital Conference about Publishers. Devcom is defined as “a place to not only share knowledge and conduct business, but also a hub for the global game dev community to come together. To make new friends, stay in touch and catch up with old ones, and – most importantly – have a good time.” It’s one of the digital conferences organized by Gamescom, taking place from August 17thto August 30th.

GameBcn organizes the round table “What publishers want? Ask them directly!” where different publishers will offer insights about what do publishers do, what are they looking for and how a publisher-developer relationship looks like.

GameBcn is a videogame incubation program from Barcelona that “offers video game studios the necessary training and mentoring to professionalize their production pipeline and to make a successful launch to the market.” Each year they take 5 indie teams and guide them through the process of creating a full videogame and publishing it. Sponsored by the Barcelona and Catalan Government, GameBcn started in 2015, and has been running for 5 successful years.

Game Hollywood is a leading global online game publisher for China-based game developers, with fast-growing in-house development capabilities for mobile games. They are the largest web game publisher in terms of revenue generated from publishing web games developed by China-based game developers in the international markets in 2016, according to the Analysis Report. In recent years, Game Hollywood has strategically expanded their business focus to develop and launch mobile games by enhancing in-house development capabilities to capture the market opportunities from the fast-growing smartphone users, reaching considerable success in a number of regional markets.

Oscar Sahun, GameBcn’s Program Manager and Producer organizes this Devcom Digital Conference about Publishers and invited Game Hollywood’s Becky Ai, the BD Director at Game Hollywood to share her expertise as a publisher not only about the most elusive Asian markets, but also about how is it to work with a worldwide publisher that manages the most important and fast-paced regions of the gaming market. Miss. Ai will discuss how adevelopercouldpresent its game to a publisher, what steps will the process follow, and how the developer can improve its pitch in order to achieve a better result. She will also talk about the difference in the stronger markets like the US, China or Brazil for mobile and browser games.

The conference will take place online on Wednesday August 26th at 3pm (CEST) and can be followed through the official website https://www.devcom.global/devcomdigital/program/ The other participants of the conference are Marc Melton of Marvelous Games, Matthieu Brossard of What(games), Christopher Wulf of Those Awesome Guys and Oscar Sahun of GameBCN as moderator.

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