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The 4th Anniversary of DDTank S - The DDT King's Return event is coming soon!

The popular mobile game - DDTank S is 4 years old now! All players gather together to celebrate its birthday in June. The official theme this year is DDT King's Return. In the meantime, there will be a series of magnificent events!

[The return of old characters]

All characters are back to DDTank S to celebrate its 4th birthday, including Brutal Chick, Toxic Chick, Red Ant, Blue Ant, Ant Queen, Evil Hen and Small Demon. Remember to update the game! Then you can start playing!

[Countless Bonuses]

In this 4th anniversary of the game and its updates, the team announced that the Anniversary Server will be officially opened on June 11. Warriors! Let's start our new adventure and obtain epic weapons and the five-star mythic pets!

"Be different" has always been DDTANK S team motto. In order to thank the players for their support over the past four years, this celebration will not only give out items in the game, but also rewards worth of thousands of yuan in the official chat group!

[Big Changes in DD Champion]

One step, one battle. DD Champion is a super-popular competition in the game, and has been redesigned from head to toe. In order to create a more fair competition environment and improve the rules, the game added a new ranking system for a better playing experience. In addition to being able to watch other players fight against each other, players can also participate in topic interactions to earn rewards.

[About DDTANK S]

As an iOS game featured repeatedly by the App Store, DDTANK brings players a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction by its outstanding gameplay and quality. This four-year celebration not only allows players to feel nostalgic, but also innovates the competitive gameplay and game experience, so that players can really feel the game charm of DDTANK S.

DDT King's Return has already begun! Let's join the events and win amazing rewards! First come, first served!

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