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Omega Zodiac Updated To V20170526

This past 26th of May, Omega Zodiac was updated to its most recent version v20170526, where we have added much more new equipment and new events for players to enjoy. We want to create a diverse and changing environment to keep players immersed in our world, discovering new items, features and much more.

Players have been giving us very positive feedback regarding this latest version of Omega Zodiac. They left their opinions and comments on our official page, and we read through every single one of them feeling great pleasure. We love making new content for everyone and see them enjoying it as much as we enjoyed creating it. This is what keeps us working hard on the game to provide every single player with the newest and best content possible.

For those who still haven’t tried Omega Zodiac, it’s a modern free to play fantasy MMORPG with some classic elements as well. The storyline mixes Greek and Norse mythology in perfect balance, and has a touch of mystery to the whole plot to make it even more interesting. As a player, you can level up your character, complete different missions and upgrade your equipment to become the strongest of all. And let’s not forget the great visual effects and graphics the game has!

Last, but not least, we would like to announce that the Omega Zodiac team is working on a Russian and Turkish version of the game as well, and they will both be released very soon. We have had several players asking for versions in these languages, so we have listened to their demands. We are very excited about announcing this, because it means we will have even more players from around the world join us in our exciting adventures!

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