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Our New DDTank Member

By expanding our development horizons and including different language versions of our game, we’re getting closer than ever to achieving our goal of game globalization. Games that are released with only one language version tend to have a short life span or just never make it too far. But games with multi-language versions have become extremely important in the gaming industry, since they’re key to a successful globalized game. Game Hollywood has this very present, and recently welcomed a new member of DDTank: DDTank Brasil Mobile.

Element diversity development and player foundation are the key of success

How does one determine the development of a new language for a game? Why choose DDTank Brasil as the new target market? What is the current situation of Brazil’s gaming market? To answer all of these questions, Game Hollywood will disclose all the reasons for developing DDTank Brasil.

There are many factors that affect the choice of developing a new language version for a game. Our main considerations were the number of existing players who use that language, the activity rate and the retention rate. Before we decided to launch DDTank Brasil, our team did a deep research on the Portuguese-speaking market. After gathering a lot of positive data about the mobile gaming market in Brazil, we were completely sure about launching DDTank Brasil. Brazil represents the largest gaming market in Latin America. Its capacity is huge and all game genres have their niche. Although the data show that the Brazilian players prefer action and strategy games. Besides, we have received positive feedback about players that pay in the mobile game market and the ARPU in Brazil is very high. After running DDTank Mobile for half a year, now more than 50% of the players are coming from Brazil. Brazilians love to share everything on the social networks. Give the players something to share and your game will be successful.

Brazilian players interact on the DDTank Mobile Social platforms.

Both DDTank Mobile and the browser version have shown a great success in many different countries. DDTank has become a popular IP. That’s the reason we decided to take a chance on the largest game market in Latin America, a country where 82% of the nearly 34 million gamers play on smartphones. If we look at the feedback from Brazilian players, many of them looked forward to seeing the DDTank Brasil version. Also, many players gave us lots of suggestions on how to elaborate a version for that market. Both the popular IP and the player foundation gave us confidence to develop DDTank Brasil.

Future versions will bring exclusive updates

DDTank Brasil continues to use the classic trajectory shooting mechanics with cross-server battles, enchantments, World Boss and more than three hundred fashion sets that are waiting for the players! Game Hollywood has a mature and professional team working on the Brazilian market. Our experts guide the direction of the game’s development, and with the help of player feedback on social platforms we can update the game’s features accordingly. The future versions would include new features and some exclusive in-game events like soccer, carnival and a voice chat system, making the game even more unique!

DDTank Brasil is only a small part of Game Hollywood’s globalization strategies. More language versions will be available in the future for different countries, allowing more players to play our game. With the help of the popular IP, technical support and professional teams, Game Hollywood will be able to bring more surprises to the gaming industry.

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