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Launch of Legend Knight

Legend Knight: an epic adventure by Proficient City!

The magical world lives in a perfect equilibrium. One that never has to be broken or consequences might be terrible. Magic should be used as a tool of prosperity, but there are those who want to possess it for their own dark purposes. They lurk in the shadows, always waiting for the delicate equilibrium to be broken and bring destruction to our world…

Become one of the mighty Legend Knights, the heroes who protect the equilibrium of our world, and protect it from evil!

Welcome to an epic browser game by Game Hollywood, settled in a beautiful fantasy universe where the detailed maps and exquisite artwork will lead you to explore the unknown world and live magical adventures.

Legend Knight is a free browser MMORPG with a unique combat system that will allow you to create endless strategies to fight against your enemies. Defend Glory City from the Dragon Army and join forces with heroes from all around the world in your Guild!

Game Hollywood brings us a new free-to-play MMO adventure with a unique story and lots of side-quests ready for you to immerse in the vast and mysterious world of Legend Knight. Participate in PvP events and reach the top of the rankings: only the best Legend Knight will be able to restore the equilibrium of the magic world!

Join the Legend Knight community and be the first to find out what’s happening next in this new browser game. Lots of events and heroes from all around the world are waiting for you to join the battle!

Legend Knight Official Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/legendknight

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