Proficient City
Proficient City

Proficient City is a young and vigorous company, and is a forerunner in overseas online game operation. We pride ourselves on our global view and model ourselves after Hollywood in our effort to produce and distribute Chinese games to the world.
The company now has over 200 employees from China, Hong Kong, Spain, Malaysia, U.S., Canada and some other countries/regions all over the world.
We have extensive experience in the game product localization (pricing system, game play adjustments and translation) of Chinese games for global markets, as well as global advertising campaigns. We have also received several commendations for our cooperation with the social networking behemoth Facebook.
We have multi-lingual release for our games. The multi-lingual game version are in English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Turkish, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Portuguese and some other languages.
Games we have developed and delivered included: Wartune, DDTank, Epicx, Stallion Race, WindGlory, X-game, and several other games in the North American market.
Mobile games Eternal Fury, DDTank Mobile,Dunia OL

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